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What is Volunteering?

This is when you choose to give your time and energy to benefit other people without being paid for it. You could volunteer with any kind of organisation, including:

  • a charity, voluntary organisation or community group;
  • a public-sector organisation, like your local authority or hospital;
  • a social enterprise supporting your local community, or
  • a local business

What do employers think?

Some facts from employers:

  • 70% of employers stated they would hire someone with volunteering experience over someone who has never volunteered.
  • 94% of employers believe that volunteering can add to skills.

Why Volunteer

There are many benefits of volunteering. Benefits for you and your local community. Benefits including:

  • building confidence
  • finding new interests
  • meet new people
  • learn new skills
  • boost your CV
  • have fun

Cheryl’s volunteering journey

Cheryl works at Adra full time but during lock down decided to volunteer and run the local food bank with her husband.

The local community came together and businesses and residents donated food and other essential goods to the food bank. Cheryl’s role involved going round collecting goods, making food bags for local people that used the food bank and applying for grants from businesses to help run the food bank.

“I really enjoyed my time volunteering, I think it made me feel that I gave something back to my local community and that I was making a real difference’

This opportunity gave Cheryl a chance to get to now new people within her local town and work together with other in very difficult times.

Kim’s volunteering journey

Kim decided to volunteer during lock down delivering medicine to people in her village that were shielding. Together the village set up a programme that enabled volunteers to deliver prescriptions from the chemist to their doorsteps.

Kim said: ” I had plenty of free time as I was working from home and every social event was cancelled, so decided to put my time to good use. It felt good to be a part of something so amazing within my own village. Most of the people I helped were elderly and really appreciated my help. I would definitely recommend anyone to give a couple of hours to volunteer, there are so many benefits.”


How do I volunteer

We work with local agencies that can help you find volunteering opportunities in your area.

Get in touch with us so with can help you get in touch.

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