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Running a business from home

We are committed to supporting training and back to work initiatives for our customers and local residents.

We recognise that home enterprise can have a positive impact by increasing income and equipping tenants with experience and skills.

If you wish to run a business or trade from your home you will need to have our permission first.

There are many types of business that you could run from home without causing any difficulties. We will normally give permission but we have to be sure that the business will not interfere with or damage the property or cause nuisance or annoyance to other persons in the neighbourhood.

We will assess each application on an individual basis.

You may also need to get Planning permission a licence or registration

What does business use mean?

  • Producing something or providing a service which is not only for your own or your family‚Äôs use
  • Getting some kind of payment for your product, produce or service.

Why do you need to let us know?

We need to make sure that the business use is reasonable and that it does not cause a nuisance or annoyance to your neighbours or others in the neighbourhood.

What is a reasonable type of business use in a home??

Every application will be looked at individually.

We will normally give permission, as long as:

  • your business is not capable of causing any nuisance or annoyance to any of your neighbours
  • there are no large/intrusive advertising boards or signs showing from your home and that you’ve had our permission
  • you are not using large scale manufacturing equipment
  • you are not storing inflammable materials such as propane or butane gas cylinders
  • you have any planning permission, licences or registration that are needed
  • you are not damaging your home
  • you ask our permission for any improvements or alterations required in relation to the business
  • your business does not breach your tenancy conditions

Examples of reasonable business use in your home may include:

  • mail order business
  • window cleaner
  • child care
  • computer repair
  • cleaning services
  • administration work
  • cake decorating
  • internet or telephone based business

(this is not a full list)

Getting a permission to run a business from my home

You’ll need to make a written application to run a business from home.

Make an on-line application

Contact details to send your application to if you aren’t doing an on-line application

Remember to include these in your application:

  • full name and contact details
  • full details of planned business use
  • any planned changes/alterations to the property including signage
  • any planned sheds/outbuildings required
  • any commercial vehicles which you will use
  • the hours of business
  • any likely noise or inconvenience to neighbours and how you aim to keep this to a minimum
  • additional documentation to support your application
  • planning permission, licence or registration requirements

Please note – Don’t start running a business from home until you have received permission in writing from us.

Withdrawal of Permission

We have a right to withdraw permission given for running a business from home at any time or to impose conditions if problems arise from operation of the business.