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Lodgers and Sub-letting

If you’re thinking of getting a lodger or a sub-letting your home, make sure you know your rights.

  • Lodgers

    A lodger shares a room in your home.

    A lodger shares your living space with you  and you are their landlord.

    A lodger doesn’t have exclusive use of any part of your home.


    Getting a lodger

    Some tenants need our permission to get a lodger.  It will say in your Tenancy Agreement if you need our permission or not.

    You’ll need to provide us with details about your lodger:

    • name
    • age
    • gender
    • which room they’ll have
  • Sub-tenant

    A sub-tenant would have exclusive use of some parts of your home.

    A sub-tenant would share other spaces in your home. Usually they would have their own key.

    Sub-letting your whole home isn’t allowed.


    Getting a sub-tenant

    It will say in your tenancy agreement if you are allowed a sub-tenant.

    You’ll need to provide us with details about your lodger:

    • name
    • age
    • gender
    • which room they’ll have


    Before getting a sub-tenant

    It is your responsibility to look for a sub-tenant.

    If you or your sub-tenant get any Welfare Benefits, you need to tell the authorities of any changes to how much money you have coming in.

    It is your responsibility to make enough enquiries before choosing a lodger or sub-tenant. You should ask for:

    • immigration status check for anyone that doesn’t have a British Passport or anyone who isn’t a British Citizen
    • Permanent Residence Card
    • Indefinite leave to remain
    • Indefinite leave to enter or no time limit card issued by the Home Office

    Carry out checks for each adult you are thinking of taking into your home as a lodger or subtenant.

  • How we will help you

    If you would like to get a lodger or sub-tenant, we will give you details of independent agencies that can give you help and advice.

    We can give you advice about having a sub-tenant.

    We will consider every application for a sub-tenant individually. We will not refuse without a good reason.


    Reason we might not give you permission to have a sub-tenant

    • if having an extra person living in your home would mean overcrowding
    • if there is an eligibility criteria for your home, and your sub-tenant doesn’t meet these. For example, if you live in a sheltered home and you need to be over 55.
    • if there is a possession order against you
  • Behavior and rights of your lodger or sub-tenant
    • you are responsible for your lodger or sub-tenant’s behaviour at your home
    • we will take action against you if your lodger or sub-tenant means that you break your tenancy agreement.
      your tenants or sub-tenants will not be considered if you apply for a transfer
    • if you are moved to another property because of major works, we are not responsible for finding a space for your lodger or sub-tenant
    • if you are in a relationship with your lodger or sub-tenant, please let us and any other relevant agency know
    • there is no legal or contract between your lodger or sub-tenant and us.