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Mutual Exchange

A Mutual Exchange is when two or more tenants agree to swap their tenancies their landlords permission and all legal documents signed.

Tenants can exchange with one other tenant or more.

Everyone involved in a swap must get a written permission from their landlord.

Who can exchange

Our customers can exchange with:

  • a tenant that’s been a tenant for 12 months or longer (with an Assured Non-shorthold Tenancy)
  • an eligible Adra tenant
  • an eligible tenant of another Registered Social Landlord in Wales or England
  • an eligible tenant of a local authority

Finding a swap

You might already know someone who would like to swap with you.

If not, you can register for free with Home Swapper or House Swap Wales to find someone.

If your’e new to Home Swapper look at their website for people that are new to swapping.

We will approve suitable customers when a request comes in.

How to exchange

All parties need to complete an application form.

After you’ve sent the application form in, we will acknowledge receiving it within 5 days.
One of our officers will be allocated to process the application. We will assess all applications and come back to you with a decision within 42 days.

Next Steps

  • we will check if the customers are suitable with the rent and neighbourhood services team
  • we will check with other Registered Social Landlords or Local Authority landlords to see if they are suitable
  • we will need the consent of any other landlord involved
  • we will inspect the condition of the home
  • customers must accept their new home ‘as seen’ and must sign a ‘Condition of Property’ form
  • we will carry out gas and electrical safety checks on our homes
  • we will invite everyone to one of our offices to sign the documents

Refusing a swap

We must think about the best use of our homes when considering applications for swapping.

Reasons for refusing an exchange may include:

  • a customer is under a Notice Seeking Possession or possession proceedings have started for breach of tenancy conditions
  • if the swap would mean that there is under-occupying or over-crowding in the home
  • if the home has been adapted for a person and the new customer doesn’t need them
  • the new customer would conflict with our charitable status
  • the home is linked to the customers job

If we refuse the application, we will tell you why and if possible give you help for future applications.

More information

If you would like an informal chat or more information about a mutual exchange, get in touch.