Gwaith yn cychwyn ym Mangor.

A joint plan to prevent homelessness in Gwynedd

Work has begun on a disused site, 137 Bangor High Street, to develop the building into 12 flats with support to prevent homelessness, thanks to collaboration between Cyngor Gwynedd, Adra and North Wales Housing.

Due to the local housing crisis, coupled with the national cost of living crisis and the side effects of the pandemic, there has been an unprecedented increase in the number of people who are homeless in Gwynedd, with more than 600 people in the county in this situation here at the moment.

Adra, Cyngor Gwynedd and North Wales Housing are working together on this scheme not only to secure a home for individuals in need but also to make sure they get long-term support, so they do not become homeless again the future.

Adra is leading the development, while the building and supporting services will be managed in partnership by Cyngor Gwynedd and North Wales Housing. This will include a 24-hour on-demand service and support to help people maintain a long-term tenancy so that they can move on to other accommodation and reduce the risk of losing their home again in the future.

The project will contribute significantly towards the goal of having 38 supported accommodation units throughout the county, as part of the Council’s Housing Action Plan.

The project was partly funded by the Welsh Government as they invested £1.2 million and Adra will bring a site which has been derelict for some time back into use in the middle of Bangor’s High Street.

Cyngor Gwynedd ‘s Housing Cabinet Member, Councillor Craig ab Iago, said:

“The housing situation in Gwynedd is critical for a number of complex reasons, and unfortunately ordinary people are caught in the middle without anywhere permanent to live. Last year more than 1,000 people came to us because they were either homeless or likely to become homeless and more than 500 people were placed in temporary accommodation. For this reason, I am extremely pleased that work is starting on this project as one way to tackle this issue.

“This is a good example of collaboration across the sector, I am proud of the strong partnership the three organisations have established and I look forward to seeing this flourish.

“The unique element of this scheme is the supportive provision that will be available to tenants after they have moved in, in order to equip them with key skills to maintain a tenancy so that they do not find themselves homeless again in the future. ”

Sarah Schofield, Adra’s Director of Customers and Communities, said:

“We are so proud to be part of this project, coming together with our partners in order to contribute to preventing homelessness. The start of this crucial work is a step closer to providing accommodation and support to people who need it.

“We are also proud to invest in a building on Bangor High Street which has been empty for some time and give the building an important use.

“We have appointed Gareth Morris Construction to lead the development work, keeping the pound local and contributing to the economy is also important to us as a commercial company with a social heart.”

Allan Eveleigh, Assistant Director of North Wales Housing Communities said:

“Tai North Wales is proud to collaborate with Cyngor Gwynedd and Adra on this important development, building on the homelessness work we already provide in Bangor and the surrounding areas.”