Supporting parents during a time of financial hardship

Many families in Gwynedd have been affected in many ways because of Coronavirus. One of those ways is of course the financial affect.

We have been working in partnership with Grŵp Cynefin, Gwynedd Council, Mantell Gwynedd, Barnardos and Magnox in response to this and has secured money to provide specific packages to families in Arfon and Dwyfor – those packages are ‘Baby boxes’ which include nappies and wipes for babies.

We have been working in partnership to support families with young children by supplying ‘Baby boxes.’ The scheme is financed by ourselves, Adra and Grŵp Cynefin and has received extra money from Magnox and theough Comic Relief fund that’s facilitated by Mantell Gwynedd.

Our Rent team has been referring tenants who are facing financial hardship to this service.

Charlotte, Community Involvement Officer here at Adra has been organising for Community Officers to distribute the packages to families in Gwynedd that are in need.

Sarah Schofield, our Customers and Community Director said:

“I’m proud to see the organisations in Gwynedd coming together to help families who are in need during this very challenging time.

“The products available in these packages are essential things for young families and we’re very glad to be able to help people, as our tenants and customers are central to everything we do.”

Mair Edwards of Grŵp Cynefin said:

“Families can choose from 4 different packs, including re-usable cotton nappies.
“The project aims to support 100 families, and in the first week we were able to help 25 families.”

Councillor Dilwyn Morgan, Cabinet Member for Children and Families in Gwynedd Council said:

“These packages have definitely been of help to new families during this difficult time and is another example of brilliant partnership and working together and shows what we can do when we work together with our partners. Thanks to everyone who has been working on this beneficial scheme.”