Mobility Scooter

 If you’re thinking of buying or leasing a mobility scooter, here are some things to consider.

 There are different types of mobility scooters / mobility assistances available, here are the different types:

Class 1
Manual wheel chairs and therefore not considered as a mobility scooter.

Class 2
Scooters, also  known as powered wheelchairs or mobility scooter with 3 or 4 wheels that are intended for payment use with a maximum speed of 4 mph.

Class 3
Scooters with 4 wheels and a top speed of 8mph. All class 3 scooters are fitted with lights, direction indicators, hazard warning lights, a horn and also have an internally or externally fitted rear view mirror. All class 3 mobility scooters must be registered with the DVLA.


Before buying or leasing a mobility scooter, please consider the following:

  • Can you drive a mobility scooter safely without causing danger to yourself, anyone else or your home
  • Can you use and keep it in good condition
  • Can you sort out and afford break down cover
  • Can you arrange insurance to cover personal injury to user, damage to internal and external areas, possible injuries to others
  • You would need to arrange an annual PAT (Portable Appliance Test) on the charging equipment and provide us with a copy
  • You need a suitable area available to charge the mobility scooter
    (Please note that charging a mobility scooter in any part of the communal areas, corridors or stairwell in our flats is strictly forbidden due to fire safety.
  • You need to have appropriate lighting on the scooters and be extra careful in the dark, use a reflective jacket or place reflective bands in obvious places on the scooter

There are many Fire Safety challenges that Mobility scooters can cause due to

  • Causing obstruction in a communal area – this is why we don’t allow you to park them in our communal areas
  • Blocking escape routes in customers property
  • Inappropriate charging

If you have a mobility scooter and need a safe place to store it, take a look at the below Frequently Asked Questions.

What is a scooter store?

A safe place to store and charge mobility scooters.

Who can apply for a scooter store?

  • Tenants living in sheltered housing or general flat who share communal areas and hallways
  • A Tenant with a Class 2 or Class 3 mobility scooter
  • A Tenant that don’t have a suitable area to keep and charge a mobility scooter

How do I apply for a scooter store?

You can apply for a scooter store by completing an application form.

We will then assess your application, and we will be in contact with you shortly with a decision.

Can I store other things in the scooter store?


Do I have to pay for the scooter store?

Yes. The price is £72 a year

You will receive a key to your scooter store, if you loose it you would need to pay for any extra copies.

What next?

If you’ve read through the above and believe that you can use a mobility scooter, safely, without obstructing communal areas or causing a fire hazard,  and would like more information, please contact us.