Llun Maes Padarn, Llanberis gyda Llyn Padarn yn y cefndir

Sustainability report gets the green light

We have launched our Sustainability report for 2022/23.

We were one of the first housing associations in Wales to start reporting on sustainability following the introduction of the Sustainability Reporting Standard in November 2020.

Producing such a report aligns to one of our core values of being open with customers, partners and investors by being able to report on our performance in a really open and transparent way.

This is the third report for us to produce and re-emphasises our commitment to improving our long term impact on the environment. This is in line with our Corporate Plan.

As we own and manage over 7,000 homes across North Wales we are in a great position to make a significant contribution to reducing Welsh carbon emissions.

We want to be recognised for our environmental credentials, for strengthening our social impact and having strong governance in place to support sustainability.

Decarbonising our homes is one of our key priorities and we are supporting our ambition to minimise our carbon footprint by seeking alternative delivery models, embracing innovation, and truly demonstrating our green appetite.

Whilst this report allows us to demonstrate to a wider audience of stakeholders and investors, through key metrics and case studies / assessments / analysis the true extent of our social impact and on the wider environment, we also try to demonstrate how our activity places our customers central to all that we do.

The report itself is in three parts: environmental, social and governance and looks at:

  • affordability and security of homes
  • the importance of investing in our current stock
  • how tenants can get involved in improving our services
  • supporting tenants and communities to thrive
  • our commitment to climate change and ecology
  • how we govern the way in which we work.

Read the 2022/23 Sustainability Report here.