Officers from Adra and GISDA with officers from Cornwall

Adra and GISDA collaborate to strengthen links between Cymru and Cornwall

We, Adra, in collaboration with GISDA, are pleased to announce our partnership supported by the Welsh Government Taith Programme, aimed at fostering connections between Gwynedd and Cornwall.

Together, we have embarked on a joint initiative with GISDA to investigate the repercussions of the tourism industry in both regions. Our focus extends to understanding its impact on language, culture, and the affordability of housing for young people within our communities. The signing of the ‘Cornwall and Wales Agreement’ by the Welsh Government underscores our commitment to enhancing ties between the two regions.

Throughout our recent trip to Cornwall, our team has engaged with various organisations, including St. Petrocs, Harbour Housing, ‘The House,’ Cornwall Language Office, and Cornwall Council, among others. We are dedicated to maintaining these connections.

Gemma Owen, Adra’s Affordable Housing Assistant Manager said: “It was a privilege to be invited to Cornwall to see all the amazing work being carried out.

“It was great to see the similarities between the Welsh language and Cornish and to discuss the Council’s plans to promote the language and grow the number of speakers over the next few years. We were surprised at how similar Cornwall is to north Wales in terms of the landscape and the challenges faced.

“Seeing the work undertaken has been truly inspiring and to see the difference made to Cornish communities, and refreshing to see such forward-thinking organisations.”

Jess Brown, Adra’s Lettings Officer added: ““I am very grateful for being a part of such an inspiring experience.

“Cornwall and North Wales have more in common than we know, having met such inspirational people and organisations has been a privilege especially to understand how they are tackling the housing crisis and homelessness. I have learnt so much and I am looking forward to working with these organisations in the near future.”

Siân Tomos, Chief Executive of GISDA, said: “It was a very successful trip and the potential for collaboration is huge.

“I would like to thank Adra for their support and their willingness to work with us to create this important partnership, we will now go about spreading what we have learned with others and developing new opportunities for others as well.”