Adra and Gwynedd Council working together to provide PPE for community groups and volunteers in Gwynedd

Up to 1000 volunteers across Gwynedd will receive PPE this week, thanks to organisations working together in the county.

Volunteers will receive the equipment from Gwynedd Council which will be delivered by us, Gwynedd and north Wales housing provider, to help volunteers and Gwynedd community groups in the battle against Covid-19.

The lack of PPE for health and care workers has been a clear challenge during this time and the need for PPE is increasing constantly.

Hundreds of volunteers and community groups also work in the communities, making sure that vulnerable people are receiving help and support. Volunteers and community groups also need PPE, and this is why we and the Council are working together to make sure that volunteers and community groups receive the necessary equipment.

Buddy groups have been established across Gwynedd since the beginning of the pandemic, with individuals of all ages contributing their time to help self isolating residents in their local area.

Councillor Dilwyn Morgan, Gwynedd’s Third Sector Contact group Chairman said:

“Over 70 help groups have been created in Gwynedd, as there are so much people who are self isolating and vulnerable, these groups offer support and kindness in very difficult circumstances.”

These buddy schemes can deliver shopping, collect medication, or even take the dog for a walk, within the local area. As safety equipment such as hand sanitisers and gloves are so rare, and volunteers working without budget, there has been an increasing worry about the situation.

Councillor Dilwyn Morgan added: “Our officers are in ongoing contact with the coordinators of these community groups to offer their support, and the PPE equipment has been raised.

“There has been a need for them, and we have now ensured a supply of gloves and hand sanitisers to be delivered to the buddy groups in the community this week. Covid-19 grants are also available now to buy equipment, and we can help groups to apply for them in the future as well.”

We have been working with Gwynedd Council to deliver PPE, while the Council has bought and stored the equipment, we have offered our staff’s time and vans to deliver to 30 different places to 30 different community groups across the county.

Gwynedd Councillor, Cai Larsen, who is also a Board Member at Adra said:

“I’m extremely proud to see two organisations in Gwynedd, the Council and Adra, working together for the benefit and wellbeing of Gwynedd residents and to ensure the safety of the volunteers and community groups in the county. It’s crucial that the individuals who contribute so much to the community, have the essential equipment to keep them safe. It’s good to see two organisations coming together like this.”

Sarah Schofield, Customers and Communities Director at Adra said:

“The work of the volunteers and community groups is invaluable for our tenants. We appreciate the support, and work closely with our community partners in Gwynedd to help with extra support the volunteers may need. It’s a pleasure for Adra to work with the Council and for us to help with this.”

More information about grants and the help available is on the Council’s website: and on our webiste.