Adra Launches Ffrâm24: A Groundbreaking All-Wales Procurement Framework for Building Materials

Adra is thrilled to announce the official launch of Ffrâm24, an innovative all-Wales Framework set to revolutionise the procurement landscape for building materials and associated products. Timed to coincide with St David’s Day on March 1st, Ffrâm24 is poised to become a cornerstone for Welsh organisations seeking a reliable and quality supply chain.

Ffrâm24, a multi-supplier framework, is meticulously designed to offer comprehensive solutions for building materials and associated services. As a Wales-only initiative, it stands out for its significant social impact, directing investment into Welsh companies and ensuring that the social value generated remains within Wales. This unique quality distinguishes Ffrâm24 from other frameworks, as it actively contributes to supporting local communities and driving sustainable economic growth.

By fostering a circular economy and championing the retention of the Welsh pound within these borders, Ffrâm24 aligns with their commitment to strengthen partnerships and promotes a resilient and sustainable future for Wales. The success of Ffrâm24 is not only measured by its efficiency in meeting the procurement needs of Welsh organisations but also by its broader positive impact on the social fabric of Wales.

The Welsh Government fully endorses Ffrâm24, recognising it as a natural successor to the National Procurement Service building materials framework. This endorsement underscores the commitment to providing opportunities for local suppliers and aligning with Welsh Government policy objectives. Ffrâm24 is an integral part of the Wales Collaborative Procurement Hub, reinforcing its significance in the broader Welsh procurement landscape.

Furthermore, Ffrâm24 is dedicated to facilitating connections between Welsh companies, encouraging collaboration, and promoting the growth of a supportive business community. By nurturing these partnerships, we aim to create a positive ripple effect, contributing not only to the success of individual projects but also to the overall prosperity of Welsh businesses and communities.

Ffrâm24 will be accessible to a diverse range of public sector bodies and charities within Wales. The framework is adaptable to support various service delivery models, ensuring flexibility for framework members in meeting their materials supply requirements. This inclusive approach reflects our commitment to serving the diverse needs of the Welsh public sector.

Martin Burger, Head of Ffrâm24 said:

“At the heart of Ffrâm24 lie our core values, emphasising partnerships built on trust, openness, innovation, and a shared commitment to efficiency and collaboration. We look forward to welcoming new members to Ffrâm24, so they can also enjoy the benefits of being a part of our new All Wales Framework.

“As we celebrate the launch of Ffrâm24 on St David’s Day, we look forward to the positive impact this framework will have on Wales, fostering a resilient and sustainable future.”

For information on how to become a member, please contact