Adra Staff outside Ty Coch office Bangor

Awarded for excellent customer service

As a company that values our customers, we are delighted to be able to say that we’ve been awarded the Customer Service Excellence Accreditation following an external assessment from the Customer Service Excellence organisation. 

We know we still have work to do and we can improve further but it’s so positive to have recognition for the good things we do here at Adra and the hard work we put in to try our best to meet our customers’ needs. 

Hugh Keachie, Lead Customer Service Excellence Assessor said: 

“Adra have again proved to be providing an excellent service to their customers. When visiting customers in their own home this year, it was clear that they were delighted with the service they receive.  From one to one sharing of information to repairs and maintenance. This year Adra proved again their determination to provide a quality service to customers and gave strong evidence to enable FIVE Compliance Plus elements and should be very proud of this achievement.” 

We’re really proud that the assessor agreed that 5 of the criterions submitted should receive compliance + awards. This is a big deal as it shows that we go the extra mile for our customers. We always try to go the extra mile, but having an external assessor confirm this too is a boost. 

We will communicate further about the criterions and what this means within our communities and for our customers, keep a look out for that content to follow.