Encouraging tenants to ask for help if there’s a change in their financial circumstances due to Coronavirus

We are working with Grŵp Cynefin, North Wales Housing and Gwynedd Council, who are all members of the Gwynedd Welfare Reform Group and are encouraging tenants to get in touch with us if they find it difficult to pay rent, as a result of a change in their financial situation.

The impact of Coronavirus has meant that this is a very uncertain time for many people and could result in losing jobs, less hours of work, less salary and less income.

Tal Michael, Chairman of the Gwynedd Welfare Reform Group said:

“As it is an extremely uncertain time for many people who are tenants, whether that may be Adra, Grŵp Cynefin, North Wales Housing, or tenants to a private landlord in Gwynedd, we understand that some may be worried about the changes to their income and their ability to pay rent, bills and other important costs.

Sion Hughes, Assistant Director of Customers and Communities at Adra, and a member of the Gwynedd Welfare Reform Group said:

“If there are changes to a tenant’s circumstances, such as their job or housing benefit, we encourage them to let their social housing provider know as soon as possible. Teams from the council can give them advice on what to do next. We want to hear from you and want to support you and help you, so if this is relevant to you, get in touch with us.

“We also encourage tenants that have a private or social landlord and in a similar situation, to contact Gwynedd Council.”

The housing associations and Gwynedd Council work closely with organisations such as Citizens Advice (CAB), who give impartial independent advice free of charge and they can refer you on to receive the benefits you’re eligible to receive. This could be Universal Credit for example which is a monthly payment to help people with their living costs, depending on different factors. Citizens Advice (CAB) also work with the Department of Work and Pensions, Gwaith Gwynedd, which is a service which can help people to find work and training. These are all members of the Gwynedd Welfare Reform group, all members of the partnership can offer help in different ways.

Councillor Craig ab Iago, Cabinet Member for Housing at Gwynedd Council said:
“Coronavirus has had a significant effect on many people. As well as that, it has an impact on people’s jobs and financial situations in Gwynedd and north Wales.

“By contacting your housing associations, this could be the first step towards receiving the help you need by working through the challenges you face, and being referred to the help you need.

“It’s crucial, if you’re a tenant to the above housing providers such as Adra, Grŵp Cynefin or North Wales Housing, that you get in touch with them. If you’re a tenant to a private or social landlord, get in touch with Gwynedd Council’s team for more information to help you.”

Our Contact Details: 0300 123 8084 / ymholiadau@adra.co.uk

Grŵp Cynefin Contact Details: 0300 111 2122 / post@grwpcynefin.org

North Wales Housing Contact Details: 01492 572727 / customerservices@nwha.org.uk

Gwynedd Council Housing Enforcement Unit: 01766 771000 / Tai@gwynedd.llyw.cymru