Launching our new Corporate Plan 2022 – 2025

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Our corporate plan sets out what we want to accomplish by 2025. It reflects our vision and values, our fundamental principles, and the key goals we want to achieve.

Adra Vision

“to deliver excellent services to our customers, invest in our existing stock, and build more high quality, low carbon affordable homes”

This plan sets out what we aim to achieve as a Group by March 2025. It is difficult to see or indeed predict the future. However, by being true to our values of being Ambitious, Trusted, Open and Fair we will be well equipped to meet the challenges ahead and ensure the sustainability of the business and provide the support needed to our customers to enable them to live a life that’s full and rewarding.

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Adra Values

Our goals for 2025 will be undertaken in accordance with our core values:

Open & Fair

We will be open and fair in how we respond to customers and how we operate our business. We will be open and inclusive to all, acting fairly and impartially and respecting the dignity and individuality of everyone. We will be open to working with others in partnership to further our aims and ambitions


We will be ambitious in addressing inequality, driving forward our new build programme and increating opportunities for our customers. We will embrace creativity and change whilst looking for different and new ways of doing things to continue to lead the way. We will continually improve what we do, and how we do it. We will strengthen our position as a leading provider of housing in Wales, whilst supporting our customers and communities to thrive


We will tailor our services to respond to the needs of our customers who will be at the heart of all that we do. We will be trusted, reliable and responsive, respecting and caring for our customers. We will continually provide value for money from our services.

The main themes of our Corporate Plan

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