Changes and building work

To make an application for an alteration please complete this application form

Type of work you need permission in writing before you start

  • building or removing a shed, greenhouse, wall or fencing in the garden
  • building a driveway or pavement crossing
  • putting a satellite dish up
  • installing a heating system (multi-fuel burners will be refused)
  • Electrical work
  • any work to the structure of the building, altering or removing internal partitions
  • adding or replacing kitchen units
  • installing a lean-to roof
  • putting down laminate flooring
  • converting your attic
  • installing CCTV cameras

 Some reasons for refusing an application can include:

  • if you don’t have an Assured (Non-Shorthold) tenancy. This will usually happen after 12 months of being a tenant with us.
  • you don’t have the correct paper work, that is planning permission or building consent
  • if you have any debts with us
  • if the changes you are planning is likely to create future maintenance problems
  • related estate management reasons

We will not refuse permission without a good reason.
But sometimes you might need to meet certain standards.

How to make an application

  • complete an application form
  • pay any outstanding debts
  • we will assess your application and inform you of our decision.

Carrying out work without our permission or not keeping to the conditions of the permission will be a breach of your tenancy.

Building work next door to our homes

If your house is next door or stuck to one of our homes, you’ll need to give us  notice before you start any building work.

If you are planning to dig any boundaries and the property is…

  • within 3 meters to our homes
  • within 6 meters, if the work would affect our homes when drawing a line in a 45-degree angle.

Type of work that need a notice

  • cutting into the wall to put a beam in, for example a loft conversion
  • raising the height of a wall
  • making a wall thicker
  • inserting a damp proof course
  • underpinning the whole thickness of a wall that’s between two properties along part of it
  • demolishing and re-building a wall between two properties
  • carrying out work on a chimney
  • carrying out work on the roof
  • building an extension
  • building a wall or fence between two properties

Type of work that doesn’t need a notice

  • putting up shelves
  • replacing electrical sockets
  • re-plastering

How to provide a notice

It’s a good idea to discuss with us before giving a notice.
Contact us to discuss your ideas with one of our survey Inspectors.

You will then need to send us a written notice.
A notice must include:

  • your name and address
  • the address where the work will happen
  • a full description of the work, including a drawing if possible
  • the starting date of the work

The notice will be valid for a year.

We will send you an answer within 14 days.