Smart Homes

This is a scheme designed to give vulnerable people help to live independently in their homes for longer.

You may be worried about Grandparents, Dad, Mum or a friend living alone.

Or they may have had some falls lately.

Our Smart Homes scheme could give you peace of mind that they are safe.

Following a successful small trial, we are expanding our scheme to install sensors in homes to support people.

We will install sensors to collect data such as:

  • if someone is suffering from early signs of confusion or memory loss. Doors sensors could be fitted to reassure the relative that their loved one are safely in their home and have not left the property.
  • heat sensors could be fitted to show that they are safe and warm in their home and not at risk of suffering unnecessarily from the cold or even hyperthermia
  • light sensors could collect information regarding a person’s daily pattern. If the lights are not turned on at dusk for example it could indicate a pattern that the individuals is worrying in respect to the financial cost of electricity or that they are not in the usual room, may have fallen, are in the dark and are unable to call for help.

These are just a few examples where  an innovative scheme like this one could be of benefit. There are many other sensors which could be installed. With the help of staff and residents who would be willing to participate in this exciting new scheme, we hope to further develop a system which could be tailored to the individual’s needs.


There are no costs for this scheme at the moment.

It is important to note that the sensors do not use cameras or sound recording equipment.


Get in touch if you have any questions or know someone who’d be suitable to take part in the scheme.

  • email:
  • phones: 0300 123 8084