What do you think of our new terms and conditions?

We are consulting on proposed changes to the terms and conditions of our Tenancy Agreement.

The consultation will be live from 26 October to 22 November.

All the details , including:

  • the current tenancy agreement
  • the changes we are proposing
  • details that have been removed

are all available on our website

See consultation details

Here you’ll also find a link to an on-line form where you can have your say about the proposed changes.

We know that everyone isn’t online, so if you’d prefer a paper copy, get in touch and we can pop a paper copy in the post for you.


Why are we proposing these changes?

n 2016 the Welsh Government passed the Renting Homes (Wales) Act, with the aim of making it simpler and easier for tenants to rent a home in Wales.
It introduces lots of changes to tenancy laws.

As a result, every tenant in Wales will convert to new tenancy agreements, or “contracts”, with their landlord on a date given by the Government. We expect this to happen in 2021/2022 – however no confirmed date has been given by Welsh Government yet. To prepare for this, we are looking at the content of our
existing tenancy agreements. Some of the terms and conditions are being changed to make them clearer and easier to
understand. Some information has been removed as it is no longer needed.
We have also added new clauses to allow us to manage your homes and communities more effectively.


Consultation results

We will publish the results here on our website soon after the closing date.

We look forward to receiving your thoughts  on our ideas.