Workes outside the development on Wynne Road.

Work at its peak on Wynne Road, Blaenau Ffestiniog

Following their success in building two houses in Bro Pedr Fardd in Garndolbenmaen near Porthmadog, Tîm Trwsio, Adra’s internal contractors are actively working on their second development on Wynne Road, Blaenau Ffestiniog. The exciting new development is newly named Llygaid y Moelwyn.

The development comprises 5 homes for local families, with three of the homes being adapted to the specific needs of the families. The timber frames have now been erected, and plumbing and electrical work has commenced, with the team being supported by contractor Tom James Construction Services Ltd from Blaenau Ffestiniog.

Completion of the construction work is expected in late spring.

Steffan Evans, Commercial Manager for Trwsio, said: “We are very proud of the work Tîm Trwsio is doing here on Wynne Road and look forward to further developments in the future. We have made a strong commitment in our Corporate Plan to provide affordable, high-quality homes to meet local needs and provide homes that people can be proud of.”

Daniel Parry, Development Director at Adra, said: “We are very pleased to see the progress on Wynne Road. It will provide homes that are truly needed in Blaenau Ffestiniog, and the fact that there are so many local connections to this building project makes it even more special.”

The development is located in the heart of the close-knit community of Blaenau Ffestiniog, and what better than to invite students from Ysgol y Moelwyn to see the homes being built. This happened recently with over twenty lucky Year 11 students having the opportunity to get a glimpse with the development team.

Half of them took a tour around the site in their safety helmets and hi-viz vests, while the rest engaged in practical activities and discussions about the various jobs available in the industry.

It is important for local young people to see that there are opportunities for them to work in the construction and social housing sector, as well as the chance to have a quality home without having to move away from their area.

The project has been partially funded through the use of the Welsh Government’s Social Housing Grant through Cyngor Gwynedd’s Affordable Housing Development Programme.