Adra and Gisda staff outside new homes

Working with GISDA to prevent homelessness

We are working with GISDA in an effort to prevent homelessness
GISDA is a charity that has been providing support and opportunities for vulnerable young people for over 38 years. They operate across Gwynedd and provide a variety of support for young people including accommodation support and supporting the journey to employment. As we are a housing association and provider with a social heart, it makes sense that the two organisations work together.
An agreement has been signed and created between ourselves and GISDA for the provision of accommodation at one of our sites in Caernarfon, for GISDA to use for young people with an office setting and six homes. Due to the success of this scheme we have been able to review the management agreement in place with GISDA for the arrangement to continue.
Mari Pritchard, our Business Development Manager at Adra, said:
“We are proud to be continuing to work in partnership with GISDA in order to try to prevent homelessness among young people in Gwynedd.
“Recent evidence has shown that there is a lack of provision in Gwynedd for young people who are partially ready to live independently. This plan addresses this shortcoming and ensures that there is a home for young people who no longer need the same level of support to move on to live partially independently.”
Sian Tomos, Chief Executive of GISDA said:
“This accommodation is a key part of our young people’s journey to living independently. It is a challenging but yet very exciting time.
“The young people love getting a key to their first home and it is a great privilege and pleasure for us to support the young people and see them develop new skills.
“The partnership with Adra is a very special one. Our hope is to build on this together creating more homes with support for young people.”
Providing this property to GISDA allows them to provide homes for young people to live in their own home with support. This also allows us to play our role in preventing homelessness in Gwynedd.
 Everyone here at Adra is very proud to be able to continue working together with GISDA and in discussions on the possibility of having more similar arrangements in the future.