Grants for community projects

Do you have an idea that would benefit your community?  

We are offering up to £1,000 in grant funding for community and voluntary groups to improve your community and improve the lives of residents. 

  • Who can apply?

    The organisation must meet the following criteria: 

    • a community or voluntary organisations who provide services for people in north Wales in areas where Adra provide housing  
    • projects that are for the benefits of our customers 
    • an organisation that cannot distribute profit 
    • an organisation that has a legal and constitutional framework. The constitution or set of rules must also have an acceptable ‘dissolution’ clause which guarantees that any assets purchased with a grant from the fund are kept for the benefit of the community even if the group comes to an end  
    • clear management structure 
    • clear financial management, a bank or building society account (with accompanying statements covering a period of 3 months wherever possible) in the organisation’s name, with the signatures of at least two members of the group needed for each cheque or payment 
    • annual accounts (for groups that have been established for more than 12 months), or a 12-month cash-flow forecast for new organisations (less than 12 months old), which are presented and audited / approved independently 
    • operational principles which accord with legislation on employment, health and safety, equality for workers and volunteers 
    • an understanding and commitment to equality in respect of access, language, culture, sex and ethnic matters 
    • aims and objectives in accordance with the activities financed through this grant 
    • that the applicant’s activity achieves one or more of the following: job creation, getting people back into work, getting people ready for work, arrangement and motivation of communities 
    • show that other groups in the area and/or the local community support the activity/scheme 
    • show how the activity/scheme contributes towards long term economic regeneration 
    • it must be shown that the principles of value for money have been followed in developing, implementing and running the scheme 
    • ensure protection of vulnerable adults and children, in accordance with the legislation 
  • How to apply?

    You’ll need to complete an application form. Contact us for a form. 

    We will consider applications that are: 

    • for the benefit of our customers 
    • from organisations including new or existing charities, not for profit groups, social enterprises and community organisations. 
  • Conditions
    • financial support will be allocated for specific schemes only 
    • only one grant application can be made per year 
    • a complete project will only be funded once. Groups who have previously received financial support need to ensure that they present clear financial evidence between completing one scheme and presenting an application for additional funding to begin a new scheme 
    • a grant will not be given towards the usual or regular maintenance of buildings, or to maintain usual or permanent activities /services 
    • when scoring an application points will be deducted if a group has previously received grant funding from us. 
  • Required documents

    The following documents must be provided with your application: 

    • original bank statement (less than 3 months old)
    • documents confirming ownership of property/land to be developed (where relevant)
    • a copy of the lease (where relevant)
    • landlord’s permission to carry out the works for which the grant has been applied for (where relevant)
    • copy of planning permission (where relevant)
    • evidence that planning permission is not required (where relevant)
    • conformation that self-employed workers have been advised of their responsibility for accounting for income tax and national insurance tax on fees
    • two written quotes will be required for single capital items costing £250 or more and three written quotes for items costing over £1,000
    • a signed copy of your organisation’s constitution
      recent accounts (income statements for organisations less than a year old).
  • Costs we can fund
    • we will support long-term projects but will only be able to contribute towards the eligible capital and revenue costs of a project for up to 12 months.
    • we can contribute up to 100% of the total project costs.
  • Costs we cannot fund
    • overseas travel costs and expenses
    • animal welfare activities
    • general appeals
    • costs you owed or promised to pay before your application was approved
    • school fees
    • medical or research equipment
    • bank or audit charges
    • depreciation or amortisation
    • recoverable VAT
    • fees for independent or external professional fundraisers
    • private pension schemes.
  • Examples of project that can be financed
    • a scheme which supports people to receive full or part time employment, employment that recruits and supports volunteer’s development.
    • training scheme that teaches a new skill or gives people a qualification, i.e. computer / digital technology skills, dealing with finances, independent living.
    • a scheme that improves health and wellbeing, especially for vulnerable groups i. e healthy eating workshops, self-confident workshops, a new community exercise activity / enterprise
    • the establishment of a new community enterprise
    • improvements to resources and community facilities
    • local environmental schemes
    • schemes to prevent or reduce anti-social behaviour or crime
    • the establishment of a new service or activity that is needed within the community
    • the establishment of a small transport scheme, to support people who find it difficult to reach opportunities due to their location
    • the establishment of new facilities/opportunities in after school clubs, play schemes during the holidays, play groups and nurseries.
    • activities that promotes volunteers and attract new people to become volunteers, i.e educational activities, lunch clubs, establish a café / community shop, offer resources for visitors, establish a community enterprise
    • arrange events – such as new events and existing events that have not previously received any funding by us, to improve the sustainability of the event
    • develop marketing resources for community activities i.e. produce marketing/information/ information tables material or historical leaflets, developed by volunteers
    • prepare a business plan; pay for the professional fees, commission a business advisor for the enterprise / new activity that will improve financial sustainability, or to support a group that faces financial difficulty
    • feasibility study / option evaluation: pay for feasibility research fees and the enterprise’s practicality / new activity or pay architect fees
    • energy Efficiency Assessment; pay the professional fees to assess the energy efficiency within a communal building and prepare a report to note the steps that should be taken to improve performance
    • a scheme that promotes/encourages the use of digital technology amongst our tenants and residents.

For more information or help with the application form contact the Community Involvement Team: