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Your opinion as a customer is valuable to us.

That’s why we regularly ask you opinion about changes that are going to happen.

We use this information to improve our services to you and our communities.

All live consultations and results will appear on this page.

  • Tenant Board Member recruitment review

    It is very important to us that our tenants are at the heart of the business.

    We have a Board that works together to make sure Adra:

    • is run correctly and fairly.
    • gives the best service to our customers.
    • delivers on what we say we do.

    Our Board has a mixture of people on it, which includes up to:

    • eight independent members
    • two tenant members
    • two members from the Local Authority


    Why we want to review

    Sometimes, we need to find new Tenant Board members but this has been very difficult over the last few years.

    We recently held a Tenant Board Academy to try and attract more interest, and intend on running the programme annually. We have been discussing many issues about the Board with our Tenant Partnership. We’ve had feedback that he process in place for recruiting tenant members is unfair and complicated. This was partly down to having to hold Assessment Days followed by an election process, which has proved to detract tenants from applying.

    More information about the process

    We have listened carefully to the feedback and are reviewing our recruitment processes. We want to make sure that our processes are fair and consistent and ensure equality between Tenants and Independent members.

    We would like to hear your views on how we should do things in future.


    How we do things now

    This is how we look for a new tenant board member now.

    • a tenant applies by completing a form.
    • tenants take part in an assessment day to see if they are suitable for the role.
    • the board then look at the results from the assessment day to see if they are suitable.
    • if more than one tenant pass, an election will be held amongst tenants. A ballot would be sent out to all tenants to cast their vote.

    This is a different process to our independent members, who are recruited through an interview process.

    But we think there is a better and fairer way of doing this.


    How we would like to do things in future

    We want to make sure that recruiting a tenant member is similar to how we would recruit an independent board member.

    So, this is what we suggest as a new system:

    • a tenant applies by completing a form.
    • interviews

    Please let us know your views by completing this short questionnaire.

    Complete short questionnaire

    The questionnaire will be live from 6 May to 19 May 2021.

  • Welsh Government Consultation (draft Renting Homes Model Written Statements & draft Explanatory Information)

    Model Written Statements of Occupation Contracts

    The Renting Homes (Wales) Act 2016 (‘the Act’) will make it simpler and easier to rent a home in Wales.
    Replacing various, complex pieces of existing legislation (laws) with one clear legal framework.

    New ‘occupation contracts’ will replace current residential tenancies and licenses. This will make the rights and
    obligations of both landlord and tenant or licensee (referred to in the Act as the ‘contract-holder’) much clearer.


    The Welsh Government are currently consulting on the following:

    • draft model written statements regulations, including the design, structure and order of the model written statements
    • draft explanatory information regulations for written statement

    The consultation ends on 16 June 2021

    You are encouraged to have your say.

    Have your say

    Following implementation of the Renting Homes (Wales) Act 2016,
    these will be the model written statements used by all landlord in Wales, including us.

    Model written statements will be the new term for Tenancy Agreements. We will be preparing a response as a
    landlord, and will be supporting the Adra Customer Partnership to submit their response.

  • Terms and Conditions Consultation

    This consultation was live on our website from 26 October to 22 November 2020.

    The purpose of the consultation was to consult with all our tenants so that we can review and update our ‘Terms and Conditions’ contained in our Tenancy Agreements. We wanted to know if tenants thought they were appropriate and were written in a clear and fair way.

    Many thanks to everyone who took part in this consultation. Your feedback has been very valuable. 

    Your feedback 

    The majority of responses supported the changes to the terms and conditions, with 69% believing they were fair and would help us to manage our homes and communities effectively. 74% thought the terms and conditions were clear and easy to understand. 

    Based on the feedback we received in both individual responses and responses from our Tenant Partnership, we have made the following changes. 

    Listening to your views 

    • The majority of tenants supported the new draft terms and conditions. 
    • You felt that tenants’ rights to succeed a tenancy were not clear enough, so this point was changed from: “We may grant succession” to “We will grant succession”. 
    • Some felt the document was too complicated. We have sent the document to an outside company to simplify the language, but as this is a legal document some terminology has to be included. When the Renting Homes Act (Wales) 2016 is implemented, we will seek to develop an ‘easy read’ supplementary document, using shorter / simpler wording and infographic. 
    • It was felt that Adra’s legal responsibilities as a landlord were not clear enough, so this section has been reworded to make the landlord’s responsibilities clearer and also includes details about insurance.
    • You felt that the clause for not allowing untaxed vehicles on the driveway / property boundary should be reviewed. We have now changed the condition from restricting to two vehicles per property to stating that there is no limit for cars, vans or motorcycles, provided there is a low pavement and hard parking space. We have also noted that tenants can keep tax free vehicles that are not roadworthy within the property boundaryon the basis that written consent from Adra has been provided.
    • We have reworded a clause under the Noise Nuisance section to highlight that normal ’day to day’ living is not classed as a nuisance.
    • A point was raised about the right to keep pets in flats / sheltered housing accommodation. We have decided not to change this point as tenants are already required to ensure that any animals they keep do not cause nuisance to others, and that they also need to ensure that the care and welfare needs of their animals are met. 

    Next steps 

    Thanks again for your feedback. We will submit the revised terms and conditions to the Adra Board Committee for approval. If the terms and conditions are accepted, then these will now apply all new tenants. The terms and conditions will apply to all other Adra tenants when the Renting Homes Act (Wales) 2016 is implemented.