Feedback from the Customer Panel – Cost of Living Survey

We’ve been asking many of you for your opinion and thoughts on the cost of living crisis. We’ve had over 150 of you replying to the consultation.

Thanks to every single one of you for sharing your opinion and experiences with us. From your feedback, it’s obvious that the increase in the cost of living is a concern for many of you.

Over 80% of you felt that you are financially worse off compared to this time last year. Energy and fuel bills are your main worry, followed by the rise if food prices and then your ability to pay your rent.

Your answers

  1. Compared to this time last year, do you feel financially…

2. Have you struggled to pay gas and electricity bills?

3.  How will you cope with the expected increase in energy costs over the winter? (Please tick all that apply)

4. Over the last 12 months, have you missed or been late with rent payments? (Please tick one)

5. Over the past 12 months, have you had to rely on any of the following to pay everyday bills? (Please tick all that apply)

6. Have you had to use a food bank this year?

7. What is your biggest concern about the cost-of-living crisis?

8. Do you claim any of the following? (Please tick all that apply)

9. Is there any support that Adra or our partners could provide which you feel would help you during the cost-of-living crisis? Please identify what support would help you.

  • Lower our rent”
  • Help to keep the heating costs down
  • I honestly believe a rent freeze would help. I have seen my rent increase from £75.75 a week in January 2018 to 97.69 in 2022…That’s an increase of £21.92 which is an increase of 28% I believe. This type of housing should be cheaper than private rental
  • More efficient heating system

10. Would you like someone from our rents team to contact you for help or advice on money, benefits, energy saving or support to maintain your tenancy?

Thank you

We value your feedback and it helps us to understand what the main needs and concerns are, and if we and our partners can offer further support in some areas.

Our response

  • Speak to one of our team – As everyone’s personal situation is different, we encourage you to contact one of our officers who can help to see if you are eligible for any grants or further support. We can also refer you to others for further assistance so please contact us.
  • Advice on energy our Energy Wardens can help you save energy in your home, explain bills and tariffs, help you understand and program your heating system and help apply for different grants and discounts.
  • Investment in our homes – We are investing in our existing stock through our asset improvement programme. This work varies from home to home and may include external insulation work, new windows and doors and installation of solar panels. If you require any repair work, please contact us through the usual channels.
  • Information – We will regularly update our cost-of-living crisis page on the website. There is information here about all the help available. Also follow us on social media to hear the latest news about the crisis and what help is available from us and others.