Our 10 Commitments to promote the Welsh Language and contribute to a million Welsh speakers by 2050 

We have announced 10 commitments to encourage and promote the Welsh language in the workplace and the community.

We have launched our Language Charter on the first of March on St David’s Day, which includes 10 additional commitments to its Welsh Language Scheme, to promote and encourage the use of Welsh by customers, staff and partners.

It sets out what we will do to ensure that the Welsh language is given an even greater prominence within the company’s services. Welsh is our work language and these 10 pledges within the Language Charter highlight the our commitment and ambition in this key area.

Iwan Trefor Jones, our Deputy Chief Executive, said: 


“A great deal of good work has been done to ensure that we promote the Welsh language within Adra and we want to build on this work to ensure Adra is at the forefront of increasing the use of Welsh within the workplace and within local communities. We are launching the charter to demonstrate a clear commitment to the Welsh language.

“We have already been proactive in training and encouraging non-Welsh speaking staff to learn the language and ensuring that the bilingual principle is embedded in every service we provide.

“But, there’s more we can do. And that’s why we have established Adra’s Ten Commitment for the Welsh Language – our new Language Charter.

“We are keen to work with partners who share the same values ​​as us, including the Welsh Language Commissioner, Local Authorities, Mentrau Iaith and many more, to support the Welsh Government in their drive to secure a million Welsh speakers by 2050.

Iwan Trefor Jones added: 

“We are eagerly awaiting an announcement on when the Welsh Language Standards will be set on housing associations. In the meantime, we encourage any housing association or private business to work with us and share good practice to promote and encourage the use of the Welsh language.

“We are also keen to use our role as a housing provider to help strengthen the Welsh language in areas and communities where the language is not a social language.

“We as a company will also work more closely with economic bodies to ensure opportunities for local people, which are so important in maintaining and supporting the Welsh language.”

Aled Roberts, Welsh Language Commissioner, said: 


“I am pleased to see a housing association like Adra showing a commitment to the Welsh language in launching their Language Charter and being aware of the benefits of offering services in Welsh to their audience. I also welcome Adra’s commitment to working together and sharing good practice with other organisations in the sector. ”

We plan to build 1,200 affordable homes in North Wales to meet the Welsh Government’s challenging targets to develop more affordable housing for local people and address local housing need. As a result, We now build houses across North Wales.

We intend on using our influence and experience in promoting the Welsh language in these areas by working with partners. We are keen to attract others on the journey to learn the Welsh language in innovative ways and take part in activities through the medium of Welsh in our communities.

For more information about Adra and the Welsh Language and to see a copy of the Charter, go to: https://www.adra.co.uk/siarter-iaith/

For more information about Adra’s Language charter, please contact our translator, Einir Williams, einir.williams@adra.co.uk