Better Off Calculator

Enter your details into the Better off Calculator to see how you could be better off financially.
The Calculator will show you what benefits are available for you.

Benefits of using the Better off Calculator

  • The calculator maximises your income – by receiving, for example, a monthly payment of Universal Credit,
    no matter how small, this could potentially open the door to other financial support available.
  • The calculator compares the Legacy Benefit system and Universal Credit, so you can see on which system you’d be better off.
  • Your results will have links to support available on other websites.
  • If you need further help with your results, by the click of a button you can share your results with an advisor and a member of our Rent and Income Team will get in touch to help you.
  • You can also download & print your details and use these as documents in other appointments such as with Citizens Advice, Shelter, Job Centre.

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