Reduce your bills and save energy

If your energy bills are too expensive, we have Energy Wardens that can help you:

  • to reduce your bills
  • reduce how much energy you use

Our Energy Wardens can help you for free.

How the Energy Wardens can help you

  • help with using less energy at home
  • Explain bills
  • Explain tariffs
  • Help you look for a better deal with a different company
  • Help you change energy company
  • Discuss your bills with energy companies
  • Help you apply for grants
  • Show you how to use your heating system effectively

Money saving schemes

Our Energy Wardens can help you fill application forms for these schemes:

Make an appointment with our Energy Wardens

Contact us to arrange an appointment with one of our Energy Wardens.

Or complete this online form:

Request support from our Energy Wardens

Please let us know why you need support.

Small changes can mean big savings

There are a lot of things you can do in your home to save you money and use less energy.

Try these, you’ll see the difference in your pocket!

These are just a few simple changes you can make.

Our Energy Wardens can help you with much more.

  • Water
    • put the tap off when cleaning your teeth
    • take a shower not a bath, a 5-minute shower uses much less water than filling a bath
    • put a filled plastic bottle in the cistern to reduce how much water you use
    • fill your washing machine and dishwasher before putting it on
    • contact us as soon as you see a leak in your home
    • buy a water butt to collect rain water, you can use this to water your flowers instead of using tap water
  • Electricity
    • change to energy saving bulbs
    • wash your clothes at 30 degrees
    • reduce the temperature of your fridge
    • close curtains in the Winter, this stops drafts and keeps the heat in your home
    • making a cup of tea? If you’re only making one for yourself boil enough water for one
    • defrosting your freezer twice a year can reduce costs by 10%
    • use your washing line to dry clothes instead of throwing them in the tumble dryer
    • putting your lights on and off a lot can use more electricity
    • put your tv completely off, putting it on stand-by still uses electricity