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Changing your tenancy type

There are two types of tenancies:

  • sole tenancy – only one person is named on your contract
  • joint tenancy – more than one and up to 4 people are named on your agreement

Circumstances change and there may be a point where you want to change what type of tenancy you have.

Tenancy agreement

Tenancy agreement is the name of the contract between you (customer) and us (your landlord).

It’s a legal document that shows your rights and responsibilities.

  • everyone named on a joint tenancy are responsible for paying the rent and keeping to the rules of the contract.
  • if one person breaks the rules, everyone is responsible
  • all of the joint tenants have the same right to live there

How to apply for a joint tenancy

If you have a tenancy with us and would like to add someone that has been living with you for the past year to the tenancy, someone like:

  • a spouse
  • civil partner
  • partner
  • family member
  • carer – that has given up their own tenancy to look after you

You’ll need to complete an application form.

You’ll need to give us documents with your application, including:

  • marriage certificate or
  • evidence that you’ve lived in the home continuously for 12 months

We will look at every application and think about:

  • the need for homes in the area
  • every person’s personal situation
  • the best use of our homes
  • how suitable the home is for you – size and running costs

Leaving a Joint tenancy

If you wish to leave a joint tenancy you need to let us know.

We will then follow the process to leave a joint tenancy.

All the tenants in the joint tenancy needs to sign an application form to move from a joint to a sole tenancy.

If you are a joint tenant, you will still be responsible for the rent and terms of the agreement until your name has been removed. It is very important that you sort the leaving a tenancy process as soon as possible after the decision to seperate. This will protect you financial interestr in the future.

We will then look at your application. If it’s successful we will let you know. After this you can give us a formal notice to end the joint tenancy. If we don’t receive all of the documents we need, all of you will still be joint tenants and responsible for paying the rent and up keep of the home.

We look at every application because we know that everyone’s circumstances are different.

If you wish to give your tenancy to some one else who is already on the tenancy, this is a different process.

Relationship breakdown

Let us know of any changes and we can advice you on the best way forward.

We can’t decide who stays in your home. Independent agencies can help you with issues like this:

  • Shelter Cymru – 08000 495 495
  • Citizens Advice – 0345 450 3064
  • Family law Solicitors
  • Domestic Abuse groups
  • Your local authority’s homeless department

The person that stays in the home can apply to stay and start a new contract with us. This would be a sole tenancy.

Sole tenancy

‘Tenancy agreement’ is the name of the contract between you (customer) and us (your landlord). It’s a legal document that shows your rights and responsibilities.

One person is responsible for everything if they have a sole tenancy.

If you are leaving your home, you can assign the tenancy to another person that would qualify for it. You would need our permission to assign your tenancy to somebody else. A deed of assignment will need to be signe by all parties.

Please contact our Tenancy Services Team if you’d like more information or advice about a joint or sole tenancy.