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Request a repair

Keeping your home in a good condition is important.
Our repairs service is here to fix problems in your home as soon as possible.

There are many ways to report a repair:

On-line form

Phone: 0300 123 8084
Face to face: Come and see us in one of our office


What happens next

A member of staff will contact you to choose a date that suits you.

We’ll then come over and do the work.

An adult (16 or over) must to be home for us to carry out any work at your home.

  • What we fix

    Here is a list of what we fix and how long we have to do it:

    • Blockages in your sink or bath (1 month)
    • Blocked Toilet (1 day)
    • Boilers – we service boilers every year
    • Boilers – fixing/ repairs with your boiler (1 day between 1 November and 30 April; 4 days between 1 May and 31 October)
    • Chimney sweeping (twice a year)
    • Communal areas – lighting, doors, lock (1 month)
    • Communal areas – emergency light (1 day)
    • Doors – outside doors, fixing any stiff doors and handles (1 month)
    • Doors – outside doors, putting a new door in (6 month)
    • Drains – blocked toilets, sink or shower (1 month)
    • Fences and Gates – repairing a fence or gate (6 month)
    • Fireplace and surrounds -back brick (1 month)
    • Fireplace and surrounds = electric fireplace (6 months)
    • Floor boards – fixing a hole in the floor board (1 day)
    • Floor boards – re-fix (1 month)
    • Glass – cracked or broken (make safe 1 day, 3 months to fix or replace)
    • Gullies – unblocking gullies (6 months)
    • Hot water – fixing a combi boiler (1 day between 1 November – 30 April; 4 days between 1 May – 31 October)
    • Hot water – electric shower (1 month)
    • Kitchen – fix hinges and fixtures of kitchen units (1 month)
    • Kitchen – new kitchen unit or worktop (3 months)
    • Light fittings – a broken kitchen strip light, a broken bathroom light fitting, a broken outside light (1 month)
    • Locks – a broken lock (1 day)
    • Locks – adjust any stiff hinges or door handles (1 month)
    • Plastering – minor repairs (3/6 months)
    • Plumbing – a broken tap that is stuck and the water in always/isn’t running (1 month)
    • Plumbing – a burst pipe (make safe/ switch water off 1 day)
    • Plumbing – a leak or overflow (1 month)
    • Roof – leaking roof  (make safe 1 day)
    • Roof – any repairs after a leaking roof (3/6 months)
    • Security lighting – any lighting in communal areas (1 month)
    • Security lighting – any lighting in residential areas (1 month)
    • Showers – fix any shower that we’ve installed (1 month)
    • Smoke and Carbon Monoxide alarms and detectors – of they are faulty (1 day)
    • Sockets – unsafe sockets (1 day)
    • Sockets – broken sockets (1 month)
    • TV aerial – fix any aerials in a communal area (1 month)
    • Ventilation system – fix any ventilation systems in your bathroom or kitchen (3 months)
    • Wall tiles – fix any broken wall tiles (3 months)
    • Washing line pole – this doesn’t include the line itself (3 months)
  • What is your responsibility

    Our team can’t do everything unfortunately. These things are up to you to fix or maintain:

    • Bathroom – fixing cabinets, mirrors, shower curtain, towel rails, plugs and chains
    • Boilers – re-setting, re-pressuring and adjusting the timer
    • Decorating – any painting or wall paper you want to change
    • Doors – if you have new carpets and need to adjust the doors
    • Electric appliances – such as cookers, fridges and washing machines
    • Fireplaces and surrounds – anything to do with the surrounds and ash pans
    • Fixtures and fittings – thinks like coat hooks, curtains and curtain rails
    • Gardens – turf, grass, shrubs and hedges
    • Lean-to –a roof/ shelter off the side of your home
    • Light fittings – bulbs, fuses and kitchen bulbs
    • Locks – if you lose your key or fixing the door after a forced entry (Recharge)
    • Telephone points
    • Toilet seats – loose/ cracks in the seat or replacing
    • Tv aerial – non-communal
  • Handyman

    All of us need help sometime. Our Handyman can help you with small repairs in your home if you supply the materials.

    You can request our Handyman service if:

    • You are over 60
    • You are disabled

    Contact us to call if you’d like our Handyman to help you in your home.

    Request a Handyman service

  • Accident, damage or neglect

    We will repair any general wear and tear in your home for free.

    If the repairs are needed because:

    • you haven’t looked after your home
    • a visitor has caused damage
    • children have caused damage
    • pets have caused damage

    you will have to pay for the repair.

    We will let you know before doing the work if you must pay.
    You will receive an estimate of how much the work will be before starting the work.

    You will then receive an invoice when the work is completed. This amount will be outstanding on your account until you’ve paid it.

    Full details can be found on our ‘Repairs you’ll have to pay for’ page

    If the damage is caused by a crime, for example a break in, report it to the Police and provide us with the crime reference number.

  • Planned maintenance work

    We will regularly maintain your home to make sure it is kept to a decent standard.

    This includes:

    • servicing all gas and solid fuel appliances every year
    • electrical safety checks every five years
    • decorating communal areas in Supported Housing and flats
    • maintain communal lifts, fire and smoke alarms, fire safety equipment
    • emergency lighting
    • remove asbestos
    • Fire safety inspections to communal buildings
    • Inspect communal water storage facilities
    • Maintain open spaces and green areas
    • smoke/ heat/ CO2 detectors are tested every year