Fire safety in blocks of flats

Do you live in a flat?

The fire rules and regulations are slightly different for you.


If you’d like further fire safety advice or like to arrange a visit to your home by North Wales Fire and Rescue Service.

Contact your local fire safety office to arrange a “Safe and Well Check”.

  • Anglesey and Gwynedd – 01286 662999
  • Conwy and Denbighshire – 01745 352777
  • Wrexham and Flintshire – 0300 123 3249
  • Safe to stay flats


    Purpose-built blocks of flats and maisonettes are built to provide you with some protection from fire. This means that walls, floors, and doors can hold back flames and smoke for 30 to 60 minutes.

    In the event of fire at your home. It’s important that you know exactly what actions to take in the event of fire.

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  • Total evacuation flats

    Total evacuation

    A fire detection system which is fitted in the communal area, linked to each flat and has a fire alarm panel located in the communal area.

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  • Communal Area Fire Safety

    We have a Fire Safety in Communal Areas Procedure, which has a zero-tolerance management to breaches of fire safety in means of escape.

    Failure to comply with the Fire Safety in Communal Area Procedure can lead to enforcement action being taken against you.

  • Fire doors

    Fire doors play an important part in maintaining your safety. When used correctly, they stop fires from spreading through a building, giving people time to escape and the Fire Service time to attend and potentially save your premises.

    They can hold a fire back for up to 30 minutes.

    We carry out an annual check on all flat entrance doors to make certain that they comply with the legal requirements. We will repair or replace doors that do not reach the necessary standards of compliance.

    Look after your fire doors


    • Prop them open or let other people prop them open – doors can save lives if they are shut.
    • Never carry out any repairs or work on your fire door – this requires a trained specialist.
    • Remove the self-closing device or any other components fitted to the door.
    • Leave damaged doors unreported – always report any damaged door to Adra’s Customer Service Team. A damaged door may not provide the necessary level of fire protection.


    • Allow us to carry out the annual inspection of your flat entrance door.
    • Make certain that the door closes fully under the tension of the Self-closing device.
    • Report any defects to Adra Customer Service’s Team.