Llun pamffled diogelwch tân.

Working together to protect our homes

Tenants are being reminded of their responsibilities to protect their homes.

We have published advice and information on a range of safety issues, including, gas safety, fire safety, electrical safety, asbestos, water/legionella and lift and disabled lifting equipment.

In the guidance, we explain the checks we will will carry out to ensure compliance with safety laws. Please help us protect your safety by being home when an appointment is made and let us get on with the safety checks.

We are also providing safety advice on what people should do in emergency situations such as fire, the smelling of gas and problems with the electricity supply.

Owain Samuel Owen, Assets and Investment Manager, said: “It’s really important for our tenants to know what we are doing to try and protect their personal safety and reduce the risks of incidents such as fire, problems with gas or electricity, asbestos and water safety.

“But we also want the tenants to know their responsibilities and to co-operate with us when we need pre-arranged access to properties. Working together we can give tenants peace of mind that their homes are protected as much as possible and to reduce the risk of such incidents in their homes”.

To see the guidance in full, please check out our Safety in the Home page.