Working together to support Gwynedd food banks

Adra, Gwynedd and north Wales social housing provider and Gwynedd Council are working together to support Gwynedd food banks.

With shops and businesses being closed, people losing their jobs and income, there is an increase of people who have to turn to food banks for help. This is why Adra and Gwynedd Council are working in partnership to support the food banks in Gwynedd, by contributing to buy essential products to be distributed to food banks across the county.

Gwynedd Council buy products directly from two local companies. Buying many products in bulk means the money and supports can go further and enables more food for more people across the County.

Gwynedd Council staff sorting food at the food bank

A network of food banks in Gwynedd offer food boxes in emergencies for individuals and families in need. There’s enough food for three days in a box, but as the need for food increases, the need to fill these boxes also increases each week.

Sarah Schofield, Customers and Communities Director at Adra said:

“We’re extremely glad that we can contribute to such a key cause which is the food banks. This service plays such an important role in making sure food is available to those who need it most – it’s the most basic need.

“We’re proud to be working together with Gwynedd Council on this. It’s crucial that organisations come together to help people within our communities, during such a challenging time.”

“The food banks aren’t for people who can’t leave the house due to COVID-19,” said Councillor and Cabinet Member for Children and Families at Gwynedd Council, as well as Chair of the Third Sector Contact Group in the county, Dilwyn Morgan.


“The food banks are for individuals and families who have no money to buy food. Many others can get help to receive food from family, friends or neighbours, but others cant aford to put food on the table, and can’t get help.”


For more information about food Banks in Gwynedd, please visit: