Important information

The Welsh Government wants to ensure that homes provided on social rent are good quality homes so are setting the standards for this. They are consulting on the new standard that will be introduced in 2023. - More information


We are regulated by the Welsh Government.

The Government works with housing associations to ensure good quality of service for customers; effective governance and financial viability.

In simple terms, they look at the way we manage the company and our services.

This is the process:

  • we self-evaluate our activities to show how we meet the relevant guidelines
  • the self-evaluation is shared with the Welsh Government.
  • as well looking at our self-evaluation the Welsh Government can also discuss with tenants and review our business plans
  • the Welsh Government publish their Regulatory Opinion report. This report sets out the Welsh Government’s Regulatory Opinion and is designed to provide our staff, customers and partners with an understanding of how well we are presently performing against the delivery outcomes relating to:
    • governance and service
    • financial viability

Read our Regulatory Judgement 

Please note that the assessment was carried out at the time of being CCG.

The judgement falls into one of four categories;

  • “Standard”
  • “Increased”
  • “Intervention”
  • “Statutory Action”

In December 2019 the judgement given to us was “Standard” which means the company identified and manages current and emerging risks appropriately. It also means that we have adequate resources to meet our current and forecasted future business and financial commitments, which is a very positive conclusion.