Living in a flat

When living in a flat or maisonette you could possibly have neighbours above, next door and underneath you so it’s very important to consider all of your tenants whilst living in a flat.

  • Noise Nuisance

    Nosie can cause a lot of argument between tenants.

    We do not allow laminate flooring in flats except in ground floor flats because it’s very noise for people below.

    Other sounds that are not acceptable are:

    • playing loud music
    • listening to loud music
    • watching tv loud
    • revving cars
    • slamming doors
    • shouting in the halls and on the staircase, especially at night
    • noise from DIY work (you need permission to do DIY work)

    If you have a problem with your neighbour causing noise, the first thing you should do is to speak with them. They might not be aware that they are causing a problem – so be friendly and don’t lose your temper.

    If this won’t solve the problem, contact us:

    • phone: 0300 123 8084
    • e-mail:
    • on-line Form 

    If you cause a nuisance or annoy your neighbour you could be breaking your tenancy agreement.

    You could also be breaking the law.

  • Communal areas

    Everyone that lives in a bloc of flats is responsible for keeping the communal areas clean and tidy. This includes:

    • corridors
    • halls
    • stairs
    • landing

    Every communal area are inspected regularly. You are expected to keep bikes, prams and similar items must be kept in your flat and not in the communal area. If items like this are kept in communal areas we will arrange to have them removed.

  • Keeping an animal

    If you own a pet you must make sure that none of your pets cause a nuisance to your neighbours. Further advice about keeping a pet is available on our Pets page.

  • Safety

    There is a door entry system on most of our flats so that only tenants and their visitors can get in.

    To help keep flats safe don’t:

    • wedge doors open, including internal fire doors
    • leave the door open for any reason
    • ask neighbours to let visitors in for you
    • let someone you don’t know into the building