Keeping an animal

Generally, we allow our tenants to keep animals/ pets in their homes.

We expect you to be a responsible pet owner.
Anybody applying to be a tenant must declare any animals they have on their application form.

Guide dogs are allowed for disabled people.


Animals that we do not allow

  • Farm animals
    sheep, lambs, goats, pigs, cows, horses, ponies, chickens and ducks
  • Dangerous wild animals
    poisonous snakes, some types of spiders and reptiles such as alligators and crocodiles
  • Any dog on the Dangerous Dogs act 1991
  • Rare breeds

Nuisance animals

You will not be allowed to keep a pet if:

  • The animal/s causes a nuisance
  • Too many animals are kept at the same time
  • We are worried about the animal/s well-being
  • If an animal’s mess isn’t cleaned up in a communal area or garden

Tenants must take care of their animal’s wellbeing. We can ask for evidence that you’ve given your animal the right injections. We work with organizations such as RSPCA when dealing with any cases of animal cruelty or abuse.

If you have a cat we ask you to neuter it.

We recommend that you do this for dogs or any other animals too, to control how many animals are in your home. We consider too many animals in a home a nuisance.

We don’t allow tenants to run a business from home, for example breeding animals.


Things to consider before getting an animal

  • If you go out often or go away on holidays who would look after your animal?
  • Do you have young children?
    Maybe that you wouldn’t have time to take a dog for a walk with young children? Would it be safe to let your children play around whilst the animal was loose around your home?
  • Is your home suitable?
    Do you have a garden with easy access and do you live near a busy road?
  • How much will it cost to keep an animal?
    Of course you would have the initial cost for buying an animal but what about all the other extra costs, vet bills, food and toys for your animal. You’d also need to insure your animal make some enquiries to see how much this would be before deciding to buy an animal. Dogs over 8 weeks old need to be microchipped this is another cost you’d need to think about.