Pay my rent

You need to pay your rent the day your tenancy starts.

Rent is paid every Monday.

If this isn’t convenient for you, get in touch we can arrange to change it to a more convenient date.

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Ways to pay your rent

There are many ways to pay your rent. Our staff are available to help you find the best option for you.

  • Direct Debit
    • money goes out of your account on a day of your choice
    • very easy way of paying your rent
    • don’t need to do anything after it’s set up
    • easy to keep control of your money
    • you can cancel at any time

    Will contact you if there are any changes to your rent.

    Contact us

    Contact us to set up a direct debit.

    You will need your bank details, sort code and account number.

  • Pay weekly with a bank card

    This is a bit different to Direct Debit.

    • rent is automatically paid on a date of your choice
    • you won’t be charged if you don’t have enough money in your account
    • no need for you to do anything after you’ve set it up unless your bank card details changes

    Contact us to arrange a payment

  • Post Office or Paypoint

    You can get an Adra payment card to pay your rent in a Post Office or any shop that uses Pay point. There will be a pay point logo outside the shop.

    • many Pay point shops are open late
    • can pay over the phone with your Adra card

    Contact us to get an Adra payment card.

  • Pay over the phone

    Call us on 0300 123 8084 to pay your rent.

    We can’t take payment with a credit card.


A payment system that we use so that you can pay your rent easily.
Unfortunately, Allpay isn’t available in Welsh at the moment.

You need an Allpay card or payment number to be able to use Allpay.

Contact us to get these

  • On-line payment

    You can pay on-line through All Pay’s website.

    • register online with your Allpay card
    • make a payment with a debit card
    • it takes 1 working day to move to your rent account
  • Paying through text

    Pay your rent securely with a bank card and a mobile phone.

    • you need to register on Allpay’s website and enter your bank card details
    • text ‘Pay rent’, how much you want to pay and your password, which is the last 4 digits of your debit card to 81025
    • you’ll get a text to confirm that you’ve paid

    Pop in to one of our offices or your local library to use the internet to register.

  • All pay App

    You can pay through the Allpay app on any Apple or Android phone. You will need and Allpay card and your bank card.

    • download the app – it’s free
    • after registering you can pay your rent without internet
    • the app can remember payments and bank details so no need to enter them every time
    • it’s a secure app that’s available all day, every day