Repairs you’ll have to pay for

We do a lot of repair work at no extra cost. But you’ll have to pay for some repair work.

Repairs that you’ll have to pay for are repairs caused by damage or neglect by you the customer, a visitor, child or animal at your home.

It also includes:

  • fixing any work that you’ve done in your home that isn’t up to our standard
  • clearing any rubbish left in or around the home if you move
  • repairs that aren’t our responsibility
  • What you'll have to pay for

    You’ll have to pay for these items.

    There is a 25% discount if you pay in full straight away.

    There is a 20% discount if you set up a payment plant straight away and stick to every payment.

    Problem to be fixed Price Price with 25% discount Price with 20% discount
    Gain access to your home and change lock when you’ve lost the key £80 £60 £64
    Changing the locks when you’ve lost the key or the key has snapped in the door £45.90 £34.43 £36.72
    Board up after a police force incident £70 £52.50 £56
    Electricity goes off after your appliance trips the supply £45 £33.75 £36
    Heating and electrical failure because you don’t have money on your meter £45 £33.75 £36
    Smoke alarm affected by something you’ve done £45 £33.75 £36
    Fit a new double glazing window panel after an out of hours call to board up the window £170. £127.50 £136
    Replace a front door £900 £675 £720
    Replace back door £150 £112.50 £120
    Kitchen unit door or drawer front £70 £52.50 £56
    Kitchen unit drawer pack £150 £112.50 £120
    Kitchen wall unit £100 £75 £80
    Kitchen Worktop £75 £56.25 £60
    Blocked toilet caused by mis-use. for example, putting baby wipes down £45 £33.75 £36
    WC suite £250 £187.50 £200
    Replace a bath panel £65 £48.75 £52
    Bathroom sink £250.00 £187.50 £200
    Rubbish removal £400.00 £300.00 £320
    Eviction Attendance £214.14 NA NA


  • How to pay

    There are two ways to pay.

    • Pay the amount in full over the phone
    • Set up a direct debit

    If you pay the amount in full over the phone there is a 25% discount.

    If you set up a payment plan straight away and keep to every payment, there is a 20% discount.

    Contact us to pay.

    We will do any emergency work or anything that’s a health and safety risk as soon as we can. But you need to set up a payment plan or pay us in full before we can start any further work.

  • Out of hours service

    Our call centre is open from 08:00 to 17:30.

    If you call us after 17:30 and before 08:00 this will be part of our out of hours service.

    Any work that’s done between 17:30 and 08:00 and isn’t emergency work, you will need to pay £90.  Loosing your keys or breaking glass in a window are examples of work that isn’t emergency work.s.

    Our out of hours service will not do any major work during these hours. We will make your home safe for the night and we will fix the problem during the day.

  • Moving out of your home

    After you’ve given us a notice to leave your home we will arrange a date to visit you to inspect your home.

    After this inspection, we will inform you in writing of any work that you’ll have to pay for and an estimate of how much it will cost.

    If you move out and there are issues that need to be fixed because of:

    • An accident
    • Damage
    • Neglect


    You will be charged for these.

    You can choose to pay in full and get a 25% discount. Or you can set up a direct debit.