Changing your Rent

Our customers are important to us and we pride ourselves on being open and honest with you. Our Board has approved a rent increase of 6.5%.

You may have many questions:

Why is my rent increasing?

Adra, like all other housing associations, has a number of financial challenges which create significant pressures. Our main source of income to provide services and meet the local housing need is rent. Due to inflation, we have had to come to the decision to increase rents, but we have ensured that the rent operated by Adra is significantly lower than inflation and we are confident that that balance is correct.

How much is my rent increasing?

6.5% (our market rents are rising by 7%.)

I can’t afford to pay my rent, what can I do?

If you are worried about paying your rent and/or charges, please talk to us at the earliest opportunity. We know making the first step to ask for help can be daunting but please do speak to us as soon as you become concerned about being able to pay. The earlier you talk to us the faster we can help. Adra’s Rents and Income team can support you. We understand that this is a difficult time.

Is this situation the same across Wales?

To reflect the current challenging economic conditions, Welsh Government capped the amount that rents can increase in 2023/24 at +6.5%. However, this is still well below the rate of inflation. We are doing everything we can to minimise the impact on our customers.

What are you going to do to help and support your customers during this time?

Our Board has also agreed to employ a Welfare Co-ordinator who will work to support our tenants to maximise income and benefits you are entitled to.