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Customer Satisfaction

We want to know how our customers think we are doing. To help us find out we’ve been working with a market research agency who ask over 150 customers each month about their experience with us.

We use this feedback to improve our services, together with what we learn from our estate walkabouts and what our customers tell us in our tenant partnership meetings.  In other words, we try and do more of what you told us you like and less of what you don’t like.

Listening to your opinions

Each month we select a random sample of customers who have had different services from us in that month. Examples of these services can include

  • a repair
  • support from our anti-social behaviour team
  • contact with our rents team

If you are included as part of the sample you will be contacted by our call centre staff and they will explain the purpose of the survey and ask if you would like to take part. If you have any concerns you are welcome to contact our call centre or contact us in another way to verify that it is us contacting you.

We use the results to help us improve our services and we may use anonymised comments in our publications.


What have we done?

Over recent years, we have used the feedback to improve many of our services. This includes:

  • made it easier for perspective customers to view properties
  • improved the standard that we renovate our houses to before they are re-let and become new homes for our customers
  • improved our communication with victims of anti-social behaviour, ensuring that they get more regular updates on what we are doing to try and resolve the problem
  • introducing Inspectors to our Repairs and Maintenance Team to speed up the repairs process
  • introducing a noise monitoring app to help identify noise nuisance
  • increasing the amount of text messages we send out to keep customers informed

What do our customers think?

In 2019/20 we’ve increased the amount of tenant satisfaction questionnaires we do from 125 a month to 150.

We’ve also introduced new services to our adaptations and supported housing services.

What next?

Our new corporate plan set out ambitious goals to increase how satisfied our customers are with our services, homes in addition to how we intend to improve Adra as a whole.

How do we compare?

The feedback we receive, and tenant surveys undertaken by other Registered Social Landlords (RSLs) in Wales are monitored by our Regulator the Welsh Government. To enable our customers, those who are considering becoming our customers and other interested organisations and individuals to compare how our customers feel about our services, the Welsh Government has launched a comparison tool. The Housing Association Comparison Tool has been published on the Welsh Government website.

This tool enables comparisons between Registered Social Landlords (RSLs) in Wales, and includes information on housing numbers, financial performance and customer feedback.