Looking for a smaller home

Sometimes personal circumstances change and your current home might not suit you by now.

We can help you find a home that suits you.

Reasons to move

  • your home is too big for you
  • you live on your own
  • worried about heating costs
  • find it difficult to clean your home or look after your garden
  • want to live closer to friends and family
  • you have a disability or other special requirements which could be better met in an adapted property

A smaller home might be easier for you to manage.

Your rent, council tax and heating costs would be lower.

We could move you to a more suitable home and make any adaptations work before you move in so that you can live independently.

You might live in a four bedroom home and only use three bedrooms

If you qualify you could also consider the benefits of moving into one of our supported housing.

The demand for larger homes is high. Through moving you could be releasing a home to be enjoyed by a larger family.

Help to move

Moving home can be stressful and costly but we can help you with this.

We can help you with the packing and moving costs.

We can offer practical support during the process of moving home.

Our staff can also help you to find other funding to help you with the move.



Moving to a smaller home

If you are interested in moving, contact us.

Our Customer Services team will be in touch to explain the process step by step and help you with the moving process.

Then we will put you on the Housing Register. When a suitable home that matches your needs will be available we will contact you. You will be given a chance to view the home before deciding if you’d like to like to live there.

If there is a smaller home available and you are not ready to move, or simply don’t think that the home suits your needs, you don’t have to move. Your name will remain on the Housing Register.

Who can move

Your rent account must be clear or have agreed a payment plan for your rent arrears with us.

Customers who have been part of anti-social behaviour will not be allowed to move.

Adapting your home

Our aim is to provide high quality homes that are suitable to our customers. But there is a shortage of family homes and it’s important that we manage our homes effectively.

For this reason we will not do any major adaptation work on a home that isn’t appropriate for that home. For example:

  • homes with spare bedrooms
  • if current adaptations in the homes meet a certain criteria
  • if an application to move has been made
  • if there are any structural problems

You can find more information about our adaptations page.

Changes to Welfare Benefit

Benefits have changed since April 2013.

The Government will reduce how much benefits they give to customers with spare bedrooms.

You can find more information about benefits on GOV.UK’s website.