Transfer to a Secure Contract Holder (Exchange)

A Transfer to a Secure Contract Holder is when two or more tenants agree to swap their tenancies their landlords permission and all legal documents signed.

Tenants can exchange with one other tenant or more.

Everyone involved in a swap must get a written permission from their landlord.

Who can exchange

  • Secure contract holders have the right to transfer their contract to another secure contract holder, but you must ask for our permission first.  
  • With our permission, contract holders can transfer their contract to another secure contract holder of a community landlord. A community landlord is usually either the local Council, or a housing association (like Grŵp Cynefin, North Wales Housing or us)  

Not sure if you are a secure contract holder?

Read more information about secure contract holders

Mutual Exchange

‘Transfer to a Secure Contract Holder’ used to be called a ‘mutual exchange’ we now refer to it as ‘Transfer to Secure Contract Holder’. 

This is because, under the new Renting Homes (Wales) Act 2016, you don’t necessarily have to ‘exchange’ or ‘swap’ properties with the other person(s) when it comes to the transfer. 

With our permission, you could transfer your secure contract to another person, without taking up occupation of their home. 

How to transfer

If you’re interested in transferring your contract, you can usually find others to transfer with online, on local social media groups etc. 

Once you’ve found a potential transfer, you can ask for permission by completing an application form and returning it to us. 

Download a transfer form (word)

Download a transfer form (pdf)

Once we’ve received the application form, we will carry out the relevant checks on our side and report back to you with our decision within one month. 

Things that we will consider when making our decision 

  • The size of the property, whether it’s too big or too small. 
  • How suitable the property is, including any adaptations that have been made to it. 
  • Any on-going problems with the contract, such as any rent-arrears or anti-social behaviour. 
  • The condition of the property, and whether anything needs to be repaired or sorted out first. 

If you would like more information about the process, please get in touch.