Support for you

We have a Tenant Support Scheme that can give help and support to tenants in need.

Our goal is to help customers so that they can maintain their tenancy by developing their life skills so they can live independently in the community  and avoid becoming homeless.

How we can help you

Our Tenant Support Officer offers our customers help with matters like:

  • support for vulnerable customers
    • support on budgeting and handling money
    • provide support to maintaining accommodation
    • provide support to increase and develop the skills necessary to enable individuals to maintain a tenancy
    • provide support to increase and develop life skills
    • provide support to understand rights and responsibilities
    • provide support and information on employment opportunities, education and training
    • assistance with completing forms and applications, claiming benefits
    • access to agencies for customers who qualify for help

    • tenants with debt problems
    • new tenants who need help
    • individuals suffering from health problems

Who can receive help

We can help:

• customers with debt problems
• new customers
• vulnerable customers

Contact us if you’d like help